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The company was founded in 1992 by Vittorio Ammutinato, the true driving force of the enterprise who is an F.I.V. federal instructor and a sailor of the highest level.
In order to optimize the craft of the most demanding owners, his experience that he gained over time, was first used in the storage yards and then on those which were built later.
In 1999, this growing shipbuilding activities, transfers, sailing courses, assistance and sales was under the name of Med Sail. In 2006 it became L'Incrocio dei venti S.r.l.
The members are: Vittorio, who continues to work on "nautical solutions" and Gloria, the director, who not only "navigates" in a sea of papers but also does not disdain races and touches with gel-coat.
The company, which to date has incorporated the world of yachts, works with the best sailmaker's yard in Italy and is responsible for the technical field of many yards of italian and foreign areas, which lends all kinds of support throughout the world.

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